Appendix 4: PKPASA Student Code of Conduct

  • As a Student of the discipline of Professional Kinesiology Practice, I accept and abide by the constitution, code of ethics, disciplinary code and all other rules and regulations of PKPASA and agree to become a student member of PKPASA at the commencement of my course. I also accept and agree to conduct myself in accordance with the following Code of Ethics and Standards:

    I understand that as a Student:

    • I am not allowed to represent myself as a Specialised Professional Kinesiologist until I have achieved the minimum standard of training as set out in the constitution of PKPASA.

    • Until I have reached the required level of qualification, I may not treat clients or pose as a qualified specialised Kinesiologist. I may practice the various techniques learnt in the courses on family, friends and acquaintances (with their full knowledge that I am a student) in order to make up the practical hours needed for completion of the courses.

    • I undertake to confine myself to using only the techniques that I have learnt in accredited kinesiology courses, in the practice session.

    • I am not allowed to receive fees for balances or any techniques used until qualified as a Specialised Professional Kinesiologist (full member of the organisation)

    • I may at no time address meetings and do marketing until I am Professional Specialised kinesiology.

    I understand that PKPASA , its affiliated organisations and PKPASA ‘s principals are indemnified from any claims or damages that may arise due to any direct/indirect act or omission as a result of the incorrect usage of formats, techniques or concepts learned or derived from the study courses, during the period of the course or thereafter.

    I undertake to behave in a manner supportive of the profession of specialised kinesiology.

    I recognise that my primary obligation is towards the recipient of the above-mentioned techniques and at all times will practise my skills to the best of my ability for the benefit of the recipient.

    Whilst attending courses I undertake to ensure that at all times adequate care is taken to provide hygiene and safety in the interests of my fellow students and people that I practice on.

    I shall not criticize fellow students and/or lecturers, either in writing or verbally, to colleagues or the public during the period of the course and should I have a complaint I approach the appropriate PKPASA committee.

    I undertake not to engage in any activity or conduct which could be construed as sexually, mentally, physically, emotionally or in any other way abusive in any manner to a fellow student and/or lecturer, colleague or the general public.

    I have read the Code of Conduct and understand that this is a legal and binding document and any words or phrases that I may have not understood were explained to me in plain and understandable language.

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