Appendix 2: PKPASA Standards

    1. All training schools recognised by the ICPKP will be recognised by PKPASA.

    2. PKPASA will have a person in the association who will ensure that the following requirements are met by individuals and training schools.

    3. All Training Schools and Instructors shall:

      • Have an Affiliation Deed with the Association.

      • Conduct financial affairs in accordance with South African Law.

      • Meet the requirements of ICPKP in order to teach.

      • Teach in accordance with the ICPKP teaching agreements and the ICPKP material.

      • Keep records of the student details, hours completed, assessments, examination results, practicals and case studies.

      • All instructors will inform their students of their rights as per the Student Code of Conduct.

      • Level of competency is agreed jointly by student and instructor using a variety of assessment methods in accordance with ICPKP requirements.

      • Will maintain PKPASA CPD requirement.

    4. Anyone studying the ICPKP program with a recognised college is considered a student and may apply for student membership.

    5. A full member of the Association must have successfully completed the following:

      • Units, assessments and online exams for: BKP101 to BKP110, RBT 201 and EMS 201 (Certificate recognition) and 6 other ICPKP units

      • Units, assessments and online exams from the ICPKP list of units to acquire the Diploma in Kinesiology as per the ICPKP (Diploma recognition).

      • Units, assessments and online exams to acquire the Diploma in Kinesiopractic as per the ICPKP (Advanced Diploma recognition).

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