HI all. A reminder that the PKPASA conference is coming up mid March. We would love for you to attend and it will be online, so everyone can make it. We are also looking for SPEAKERS!. That means YOU! The theme is EMBRACING CHANGE. No matter your level of Kinesiology we would love to have you attend and or present a paper/presentation. I have attached more info. Or you can contact info@pkpasa.co.za for more. And if you are not yet a member please go here to sign up and sign on!

Download the registration form for the conference.

Some of the presenters & presentations you can look forward to:

Appro your future

by Ansie Litkie

Try your goals on for size.

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The Language of Numbers and the Alchemy of Energy

by Lysette Rothmann-Guest


The language of the Universe is energy. This language is represented by numerical symbols through which science “talks” mathematics and mystics talks “numerology”. Numerology interprets the mystical meaning of your name and date of birth to reveal your soul purpose, highest potentials, challenges, gifts and abilities.

Frequencies for Change

By Helen Hansen

Nikola Tesla stated: “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration”. Let's explore how to embrace change within the context of energy, frequency and vibration


Rock your alternative healthcare business

by Liza King


The Lizard in the Fire Narrative

a Story by Sam Sleeman

Sam Sleeman is an internationally renowned shamanic storyteller. Shamanistic stories is a way to pierce the veil of the mind to plant the seeds of awakening. A good story takes the Ego on a Hero’s journey to other fantastical worlds outside of time, where conversation with Soul can take place.




It is hard to change your circumstances until you have told your story. Once your story becomes clear within yourself as to what happened, why it happened, how you felt then and now, what you were thinking, and where those thoughts/belief/perceptions came from, healing can happen.


We are the change!

by Margie Donde

How Kinesiology works in a large nut shell!




In stressful times like these, look to the intelligence of nature - Herbs - the ultimate support for change


Unfolding of The Metaphor of Change

By Herman Heckroodt


Integrating Sacred Geometry into your Energy Feld to Effect Positive Change

by Stuart Wainwright


Soul Plan

by Markus van der Westhuizen


Vision Statement

To recognize the professional, high standard of the graduates of the International College of Professional Kinesiology Practice and to promote their interests in gaining acceptance and recognition of South African Education and Seta standards/authorities in the interest and benefit of humanity.

What is Kinesiology?

Kinesiology is a unique holistic approach to health that allows one to take charge of all aspects of one’s life.

Through the use of muscle testing or muscle monitoring, our highly trained and internationally recognized Kinesiologists can help you, the client, to take back your life, uncover what may be holding you back, remove personal road blocks, stresses and limitations.

Kinesiology takes a holistic approach, dealing with the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual issues that prevent us from expressing our true selves.

The association aims to;

  • Enable full recognition of all the time, effort and practice that each individual has put in to achieve the status of a Professional Kinesiology Practitioner

  • Set standards equal to those of the mother college in New Zealand

  • Provide a home for PKP kinesiologists

  • Allow members of the public to understand what PKP is about and find practitioners

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